Satellite Airtime

Mobileline provides satellite airtime service for the following satellite networks:

  • Iridium - Voice and Data
  • Inmarsat - including BGAM, M2M and IsatPhone2

Mobileline's value priced airtime plans include postapid and prepaid options.

Mobileline Airtime Billing System

The Mobileline Satellite Airtime billing system is a secure advanced web-based portal which provides account maintenance and a broad range of reporting for BGAN, Fleet Broadband, Inmarsat and Iridium airtime services and devices.


Web Portal
Online access to airtime accounts via a standard web-browser. The web-portal allows for viewing of daily call activity, setting usage alerts, updating email and billing information, and viewing prior account history.


SSL encrypted connection.   Standard industry server security.  Encrypted Login / Password

Current Data

Near real-time access of all device airtime usage.

Data Export
Export monthly invoices and payment information as an Excel, PDF or Text file.

Usage Alerts
Be notified automatically (via email) when a certain level has been reached on a device, whether in dollars, minutes, or Megabytes.   Also, be notified when the entire account has reached a pre-set credit limit.

User Groups

A device can be assigned to one user defined User Group.  An infinite number of User Groups can be established.  Reporting is then available by these User Groups.

Manage Users, Devices and Account Settings and Information

  • Update Client profile including Name, Contact, Address, Phone Number
  • Add/change email addresses for invoice delivery and usage alerts
  • Update billing information including credit card numbers
  • Assign/reassign device names and groups
  • Edit usage alert information for each device
  • Add/edit device IMEI and serial number
  • Change access password

Once a device is activated, you will receive a User Guide for the Mobileline billing system and a welcome Email with a lot of helpful information about your device, Network and support.

The Mobileline satellite airtime service is available through:

Ralph's Radio Ltd.
1490 Venables Street
Vancouver, B.C.   V5L 4X6
Telephone:  604-879-4281
Toll Free:  866-256-3732
Fax:  604-732-8831